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At Erie Injury, we handle a variety of estate planning services to our clients.

Our estate planning attorneys give you peace of mind during a difficult time. 

We understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one; our law firm takes great pride in handling everything so that you can spend more time with your family.

Estates of individuals involved in accidents
Proper legal representation of the family of someone who is wrongfully killed requires a thorough understanding of the complex interaction between personal injury law and estate law. Our estate planning attorneys work hand-in-hand with our personal injury lawyers when needed.

Estate planning for an individual’s loved one
If you’re looking to have a loved one’s legal affairs brought to a prompt, professional resolution, we can help. Our attorneys will ensure their final matters are handled with the dignity and care they deserve.

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Respecting final wishes


Whether you’re young or old, it’s never too early or too late to make sure your affairs are in order.

Last Will

With a last will, you choose who you want to inherit your property after you pass away.

Living Will

With a living will, you outline your preferences about future healthcare treatments, in case you're ever unable to communicate your wishes to doctors and loved ones

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

  • Do I need a will in Pennsylvania?
  • Can I update my will with a codicil?
  • What is a Power of Attorney?
  • Should I have a Power of Attorney?

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