Why did I receive a letter from The Rawlings Company?

I received a letter from The Rawlings Company. What do I do?

After you get medical treatment for an injury, it's not uncommon to get a letter from a third-party subrogation company, like The Rawlings Company (or Equian, Optum, First Recovery Group, etc.), on behalf of your health insurance company. The Rawlings Company is most likely reaching out to you to discover out how you got hurt. If your injury possibly gives rise to a personal injury claim or a potential lawsuit (for example, a car accident, a work injury, a slip-and-fall accident, etc.), The Rawlings Company's job is to find out, because your health insurance company might be legally entitled to reimbursement out of your personal injury settlement or verdict. If you received a letter from the Rawlings Company after a Pennsylvania car accident or personal injury, you should call our law firm immediately at 1-800-999-0750.

 Should I respond to The Rawlings Company's letter or call them back?

Whether or not you're legally required to respond to The Rawlings Company after getting their letter is going to be written in your insurance policy with your health insurance company. In all likelihood, this is a document you probably never read. With that in mind, if you weren’t hurt in manner as to give rise to a compensable legal claim, you’re probably safe to call and let them know, at which point they should leave you alone.

 If you were hurt in an accident that gives rise to any type of legal claim, you should immediately give The Rawlings Company's letter to your attorney! If you already retained a lawyer, you should never contact The Rawlings Company directly. Additionally, you want your personal injury attorney to know about The Rawlings Company's letter, because any failure to consider your health insurance’s lien against your settlement might have catastrophic consequences to both your case and your finances!

 If you were hurt in an accident (at work, in a slip-and-fall, in a car, et cetera) but don’t have a lawyer, you should hire a personal injury attorney to contact The Rawlings Company on your behalf immediately. Our personal injury lawyers work on contingency and only get paid if we get you a financial recovery. We represent injury victims throughout Western Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh, to Erie, and all the way to Bradford and Smethport! If you're not from Pennsylvania, we might be able to help you find a local lawyer who can helo.

 What if I don’t want to file a lawsuit against the person who caused my injury?

The Rawlings Company cannot force you to sue somebody that you don't want to sue. However, it's always a good idea to at least speak with a personal injury attorney before you talk to The Rawlings Company. You need to know your rights and responsibilities regarding this incident, your medical treatment, and your medical bills. Our law firm offers a free consultation that can be either over the phone or in person—you decide! Give us a call today at 814-452-6232.



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