Do I need a lawyer to get a car accident settlement?

If you are involved in a car accident that causes significant bodily injury and/or damage to your vehicle, there will be challenges ahead.

Not only will you be faced with the cost of vehicle repairs or replacement, you may also be faced with having to take time off from work, lost wages, property damage, medical bills—and even pain and suffering. 

You need to be compensated for these costs—but how?

Car accident settlements: you need to know what steps to take next. One option is to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your own. However, if you take this route, you may end up settling for much, much less than you deserve. Insurance adjusters often utilize a variety of tactics designed to undervalue your claim. They can hire private investigators, and perform insurance searches to pull up past auto accident claims, work injuries, or any other insurance claims you might have made in the past. They also have access to proprietary software that they use to value claims, which they often use to short-change you, since it doesn’t account for the unique characteristics of your particular case. Moreover, if you don’t have an attorney to help deal with liens and subrogation, you might find yourself owing money back to your health insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid, or another organization claiming a portion of your settlement proceeds.

You aren’t a statistic.

A second option is to work with an injury law firm with attorneys on staff who have earned a reputation for aggressive, knowledgeable insurance coverage litigation. Working closely with professionals who understand Pennsylvania insurance contracts and the laws that insurance companies must operate under will help ensure you are compensated fairly. Even if an insurance company denies a claim or fails to hold up its end of the bargain, there are often times where our attorneys can still make a recovery.

Don’t let anyone, especially an insurance company’s adjuster, convince you that you don’t need a lawyer—and don’t be pushed into settling your case too early. Insurance adjusters are not your friends and they don’t have your best interests at heart. They are hired to pay you as little as possible, if anything at all.

An experienced auto accident attorney knows how to properly build and develop your case. Our goal is always to prove the true, full extent of your injuries and seek the compensation you deserve. Our law firm is not a “settlement mill.” If we can’t negotiate fair value for your case, we will file a lawsuit. We aren’t afraid to go to trial.

Furthermore, we work on a contingent-fee basis, meaning if you don’t get a recovery, you pay nothing. Everyone deserves a great attorney, regardless of financial status.

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